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Don't Have a Login or Forgot Your Password?

Use your browser (Google Chrome, Brave, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox) to go to In the upper right corner, click on the Login button: 

Then click on "Forgot Password." If this is the first time you use your account, clicking "Forgot Password" will get you started.
Follow the instructions that appear.

Update Your Account

When you are logged on to your account, click on "Welcome [yourname]" from the navigation bar at the top of the screen, and then click on "My Account." The My Account screen displays tiles that link to other pages where you can manage aspects of your account.

Select My Profile

Verify and edit your profile information. Click "My Profile" and then "View and Edit Your Profile" (on the lower right of your screen). At the bottom of this page, under Other, you can add your picture. Click "Save Changes" on the bottom right of your screen to permanently save your changes. Note: there are some options across the top of the profile page. Click on "Contact Info" view or change Phone Number Contacts, Subscriptions, and links to your Social Media accounts. Remember to save your changes.

Select My Family

Verify and edit your family information. Click "My Family" and then"Edit Your Family" (on the lower right of your screen). If you have children, please be sure to click on each of their names to verify their information. Remember to save your changes.

Go to Edit My Address

Verify your address is correct. Click "Edit My Address" and then "Edit" (on the lower right of your screen) to update yoru address. Remember to save your changes.

Update Your Shir Ami Directory Listing

Information in the Member Directory is visible only to Shir Ami members.

Go to Edit My Directory Listing

Update your directory information to set your display and sharing preferences. You can also upload a family photo. Because the directory is visible to all members you may choose upload a photo of just the adults in your family. Remember to save your changes.

If you have difficulty logging on, or questions about your Member Account, please contact or call the office at 512-843-3539.


Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784