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Shabbat Morning Services

Our Shabbat morning services typically take place every-other month and begin at 10:00 AM. Services are thoughtful, contemplative, open to the whole community, and geared to adults. The ritual has a contemporary yet traditional feel, with most of the liturgy sung in Hebrew, accompanied by meaningful English poetry and commentary from the Reform Prayer book, Mishkan T'filah. Every word in Hebrew is transliterated, so even non-Hebrew readers can fully participate in reading and singing the prayers aloud with the congregation.

Our Torah service is interactive and engaging, and often provides stimulating discussion. Congregants and the Rabbi chant Torah and read Haftarah and people can celebrate life-cycle events within the context of the Minyan community: an important birthday, a prenuptial blessing (aufruf), and a wedding anniversary. The Minyan is nurtured by our Shir Ami family that pays attention to deepening the sense of community among those who have become part of the congregation and welcoming newcomers into the community.

Starting again in April 2024, Rabbi Reice will include commentary during services, without a b'nai mitzvah ceremony, that are geared toward a Learner's Minyan. Come with your questions, your open mind, and even your answers!

Please see our calendar for upcoming services.

Wed, June 19 2024 13 Sivan 5784